Orthodontics for Kids and Adults

No matter your age, Dr. Markel is here to help! We're able to recognize issues of jaw development that younger patients sometimes have. These developmental issues will affect the adult face and position of the teeth. When we see this early on, treating it early prevents multiple problems down the road. Beginning treatment early gives us the ability to ensure a more pleasing-looking adult face, it normally involves less extensive treatment, and therefore, it's less costly.



Orthodontics for Kids and Adults

Dr. Markel uses a combination of orthopedics, orthodontics, and Invisalign to custom design treatment for each individual need. There is no "one size fits all" treatment at our office. Some smile treatments may take 12 months, some less, some may take longer depending on the situation that needs correcting. With the newer orthopedic appliances and the development of Invisalign, treatments are tending to shorter times! 

Straight, Beautiful Teeth and a Pleasant Face

Because in most cases the permanent teeth are larger than the "baby" teeth, we like to see lots of spacing between the primary teeth. If there isn't, we begin treatment to guide the growth of a child's developing jaw to head off more difficult problems later. We examine every young patient we see (beginning at ages 3 to 6) for these types of issues.


Receive a Consultation

You can have orthodontics, or teeth straightening, at just about any age, depending on the health of the teeth and surrounding tissues. We are always happy to listen to you and discuss your treatment options.

We don't use metals in our office. All materials we use are biocompatible.